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The idea behind our trips is to provide everyone that joins our bike tours the opportunity to meet local people, immerse themselves in the culture, enjoy the local cuisine by most importantly to do it all by bike, traveling at a pace that allows you to see the sights you came to see.

You can join one of our scheduled bike tours with other cyclists that have booked on that tour; you can request a private bike tour for you and your group. We can cater to families making specialized family cycling tours or if you want we can design a custom tailored private biking tour for your group created around the places you would like to visit.

The service provided by Amazing Bike Tours begins long before you join us here in Phuket, Thailand. When you contact us we make available a detailed fact sheet about the bike tour you are interested in.

When you book we provide an informative list of what to bring and what not to bring on our tours to help you prepare.

We pick you up from your hotel in Phuket at the start of the tour. During the tour we provide an experienced local English speaking guide who is passionate about biking and knowledgeable about the areas your cycle tour will visit. Our tours are followed by an air conditioned mini bus that is especially rigged to take bikes and bikers. (No support vehicle in Koh Yao). All meals are included during the bike tour, as are drinking water, soft drinks, fruit and snacks. Accommodation is included in all of our overnight cycle tours.
Food plays a very important part of all our bike tours, no one ever goes hungry. Breakfast consists of toast, eggs, ham, and the normal breakfast foods available in hotels around the world. If you prefer more local food for breakfast that is easily arranged. During the day we will find a local restaurant for some authentic Thai cuisine. After a days exploring and cycling we make sure there is a meal to match the hearty appetites of all our bikers. Evening meals may be at our hotel or accommodation for that night, or at a local restaurant in that area. Evening meals will include many Thai appetizers, various different Thai curries and soups. Rice and noodle dishes are a staple part of the diet for the Thais and the same applies to our bike tours. Keeping you full of energy and also making sure you sample as many different tastes and dishes from this area renowned worldwide for its famous cuisine.

All of our bikes are equipped with a cage to hold one water bottle. Refills are always available from our support vehicle, on Koh Yao where the support vehicle does not join us it is never too far from a local shop to replenish our drinking bottles. We also supply rehydration powders to add to the water to keep all of our bikers well hydrated to best enjoy the day’s bike riding.

During the evening alcoholic drinks are available from the restaurant and/or hotel but these are not included in the tour price.

We use a variety of different accommodation, we never go for the cheapest option in town, nor do we select the most expensive spa resort. The idea of all our tours is that any one can join, so we select mid range accommodation with mid range price that keeps our tour costs very reasonable. All accommodation is clean, and in tune with local environment. Some times we need to use more basic accommodation than we would like, but it will only be for one night before we move on to a new location. Other places the accommodation and settings are just breath taking. On our detailed tour itineraries we list the accommodation our bike tours usually use, however this is not guaranteed. Some time we need to use alternative hotels or guest house due to availability.
Single travelers are always welcome, if you want to guarantee a private room this can be arranged by paying the single supplement. If you do not wish to pay the single supplement we will arrange a shared room with another solo traveler on our tour.
Children are welcome if you book a private family tour; otherwise the minimum age for joining our tours is 14 years. This is about group dynamics more than the difficulty of the bike journey.
Our group sizes range from as little as two bikers to groups of sixteen cyclists. As we are able to confirm a bike trip with as little as two cyclists you can make you travel plans with the confidence the trip will go ahead. We do not have a higher price per person when we have small numbers joining our tours.

Other questions that often come up are covered in our FAQ

What are you waiting for, Book your Amazing Bike Tour today and experience the
     Asia we know and love, and do it all on two wheels.