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Zoe Karathomas http://diariesofzrk.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/thailand-2012-phuket-day-6.html
31 August 2012

One of the best tours I've ever done! It was authentic, the hosts couldn't do enough to help and educate and the destinations were amazing! Then they sent me volumes of photos as a value add. It was an outstanding experience.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 16/08/2012

Andrew lin http://www.cinemorphsfx.com
United States of America
25 August 2012

I might be one of the few quests that ever took two different tours in two days. One half day and a full day tour. I just wanted to express how happy I was joining the bike tour. Our tour guide Mano was awesome! First day was relatively easy for me in terms of riding. Second day, Mano took us to a more challenging off road experience, which was really fun! Although the rain never stop though! We were soaked! I need to pour rain water out from my shoes every hour! But can't complain! I love the sightseeing and exercise at the same time. I will do it again next time in Phuket for sure!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 24/08/2012

Audrey Bastian http://
United States of America
01 August 2012

This was my dream way to see Thailand. I couldn't have imagined anything better than seeing the island like this. Tour guides gave us personal stories, lots of interesting stops including a Muslim family, camera opps, and rubber and rice explanations. So much fun. Must be in decent shape.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 31/07/2012

Ross Philpott http://
11 July 2012

Did the Turtles and Waterfall one day tour last year which was great and the half day this year was just as much fun.
On behalf of the 8 members of our family who went on the ride, thanks again James for a really well run tour

Sharon and Peter McArdle http://
New Zealand
08 July 2012

Our cycle tour was definitely the highlight of our stay in Thailand. to pedal through less visited villages and country side gave us a more real view of Thailand. The cycling required a good level of fitness and took us on the highway country roads and off road on dirt trails.The bikes were comfortable and suited to the terrain.Mano our guide was Most informative and humourous while our driver Lek was very attentive.We would love to try anoyher ccle tour with this company .

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 29/06/2012

Sera Burger http://
04 June 2012

We had a fantastic day, the food was great and we had an excellent guide. Thank you for a wonderful day

Rowen Gransden http://
20 May 2012

Brilliant day. Picked up at Patong on the dot and 2 noshows from another resort meant I was left to blast along with guide. Great food, great company & plenty of water/drinks. Enjoyed riding through villages, beaches and refreshing waterfall at the end. If you are thinking about a ride check out the various blog pictures on this site. Dirt tracks are good and sealed road is shared with occasional scooter. I will do a couple of their rides next trip. Highly recommend

Helen Harrison http://
13 May 2012

We absolutely loved this ride, the guide was brilliant and really knew about our surroundings and was more than willing to stop and tell us about different things.

The ride was easily achievable for all abilities.

We would love to come back and do a longer ride, after a bit more time training before hand.

Well recommended.

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 02/05/2012

Patty and Chrissie http://
08 May 2012

WE LOVED IT!! It was the best part of our holiday. A great way to exercise and see the real culture close up while in Thailand. The food was amazing and our tour guide really knew about the island. He was friendly and easy going which made it a very comfortable experience. We'll be back!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 27/04/2012

FranÁoise and Patrick http://
07 May 2012

An unusual way to discover ThaÔland....
Take your time to gather all images in your mind and in your camera. One of our best experience during this trip.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Expedition(3D/2N) on 06/04/2012

John McD http://
New Zealand
02 April 2012

Well done for providing such great experiences. So many people have said the bike tour is best part of their holiday.

KYN tour is great day away from Phuket and shows life away from the standard 'packaged' tours. Cycling is not overly difficult, if you can balance a bike, use brakes and occasionally change gear you will have a brilliant day. For the experienced cyclist, you'll see something of Thailand from your favorite viewpoint.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 27/03/2012

Nathan McDonald http://
24 March 2012

What a great day. The best tour we did while visiting Phuket.....Thanks for a great time and looking forward to coming back and doing a full day trip.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on

Andrea Olsen http://
13 February 2012

Having not been on a bike for over 20 years, its safe to say that i was coerced into this activity and didnt want to take part at all, however...... Im so pleased i did it! It was an amazing day and its been the thing ive talked about most since I got home! It was the best way to see the 'real' Thailand and James was great at answering any questions we had a long the way! The turtle sanctuary was brill and the waterfall is just what you need at the end of the day! If you only do one thing whilst youre in Phuket, make sure you chose this! If i can do it, anyone can..... Its an absolute must!

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 08/02/2012

Jan en Lenny http://
04 February 2012

No doubt; just do it; it's great!

Pat M. http://
United States of America
04 February 2012

Bikes were in great condition, food and breaks were more than sufficient, loved that it was trails & road, James & "Mano" were constantly on their toes and so very friendly to locals & tour members. I really enjoyed the challenge of the ride. The cultural stops and descriptions were an added, unexpected bonus! Would do the exact same tour again today (next day)!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 03/02/2012

Matt & Shelley http://
03 February 2012

FANTASTIC, Thanks Mon for a fabulous day. The ride was enjoyable (apart from that 1 hill) and the scenery and information you provided was the highlight.

Will definitely do it again when next in Phuket


Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 26/01/2012

Millie Banks http://
24 January 2012

This bike trip was fantastic. It was a really great way to see Phuket away from the tourist areas. It was such a great experience and I would definitely do it again. The bikes were very easy to handle and kids should definitely do it!

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on

Brian Chan http://
07 November 2011

Two thumbs up for Amazing Bike Tour for organising the charity bike ride in Koh Yao Noi! Wonderful experience, and especially bringing the joy to the children has allowed us to contribute a little to the world. Oh not to forget the little cozy corner for lunch, it was relax and unforgettable.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 30/10/2011

Bryan Eshelbrenner
03 November 2011

This was the highlight of my entire Thailand trip. I did the Koh Yao day-trip on my last full day in Phuket and regretted not having gone on each of the day trips. James was an excellent guide. If you like to ride, this trip is the ultimate way to enjoy the best natural beauty that Thailand has to offer.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 25/10/2011

Diana Palmoni http://
30 October 2011

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the half day bike tour, James our guide was excellent, he showed us a side of Thailand we would not have found on our own. We will definately do a longer bike tour next time we visit Thailand.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 24/10/2011

jee leong http://
04 September 2011

would do it again

Ashley Smith http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
29 August 2011

On a day when there were flash floods, Phuket Hospital was moving patients, the hotel had lost its electricity, boat trips were cancelled and there were mountain slides we went BIKING in the pouring rain. This was a wikid experiance and I would recomend anyone who experiances a 'rainy day' call up Amazing Bikes. Our guide was first rate to International Standards and highly knowledgable.
Loved riding through the rivers of the Jungle...

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 25/08/2011

Samantha Ford http://
10 August 2011

Absolutely loved thi activity and my husband and i wished we had done a full day as we didnt realise how funit would be. Took you away from everything and put you in your own little world. Would 100% recommend this.

Tracey Davey http://
08 August 2011

My sister and I really enjoyed this experience, it was great to get into the jungle and amongst the village people to experience how they live. The bike riding was great and we enjoyed the mountain biking, and the variety we had. The food samples provided were also lovely and great to try. We were tired at the end of the day, but both felt it was the best day we had on our holiday. Our guide was enthusiastic, spoke great english and our driver was excellent. Overall a great day.

I have tried to add this to trip advisor but with no luck.
Thanks for a great day.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 01/08/2011

Loz Brewer http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
22 July 2011

The ride was hot and hard but utterly fantastic. Being the only two on the tour meant that my friend Kate and I had a lot of attention for the guide - Loh. He was absolutely fantastic and really made an effort to show as much as he could about Thailand that we otherwise would never have seen. The lunch was amazing as was the ending at the waterfall - most welcome! A little disappointed about the Turtle sanctuary though - it seemed deserted and like we were intruding on someone's private property. The bus following us was well stocked with refreshments and Loh bought a few extras along the route which enhanced the experience. A big thanks to him.
I have recommended this trip to many people - it was brilliant

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 02/07/2011

robert eu http://
29 June 2011

I did two rides in 3 days with the group. i highly recommend this tour as i think it shows a real special side of phuket area. visiting turtles after lunch is special. and then a quick ride to the waterfall to finish is a perfect way to end the ride. i will definitely ride with this group again as it is important to have the sag wagon for water and snacks logistics and the side roads to keep away from traffic (both paved and unpaved) are a must in thailand.

Peter Metcalfe http://
07 June 2011

wow a great day, a fantastic tour which is a bit different from a day at the beach. Level of biking just right for a holiday and suited my wife's ability. The only casualty was a pair of socks due to the mud. Lou you are a star amongst tour guides !!

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 06/06/2011

Geoff http://
23 May 2011

Mr Loh did a great job, my friend and i were the only 2 on the trip so we got the personal touch, the Thai snacks were really yummy and the walk to the waterfall was nice too.
Next time i am in Phuket i will ride again for sure...
Great job guys............

Michal & Harriet http://
05 May 2011

Absolutely Awesome and we had the most memorable time. The only regret we had on this tour is that we only booked for a day trip. Next time round, we will be geared to do an overnight trip. Most recommended tour for those looking for fun and adventure

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 03/05/2011

Chris and John http://
24 March 2011

Had a great day with Loh. He really knows his stuff. Stopped at lot's of interesting places. Full of encouragement when we had to walk up the hills. Plenty of delicious food and drink. It was so nice to spend a day in the fresh air and to be away from the madness of Phuket. PS we are both in our 60's

Tom, Mike, and Joseph http://
United States of America
07 December 2010

What a wonderful half day in Phuket. Lek was fantastic as guide and we really had fun seeing a part of Phuket I never would have found on my own. I'll definitely be back to join you again.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 22/11/2010

Hamish & Audrey http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
19 October 2010

Of our week long stay we managed to pick the worst possible day to do this trip! The storm kicked in as we crosed the bridge and it pretty much rained all day, however it kept us cool and this was the best day of our stay in Phuket. It took us out into the country away from all the touristy bits and was a great way to see the area. Lek was a lovely lovely guide and coped cheerily with not just the rain but 2 punctures. Wish we had arranged this earlier in the trip so we could have done another one. Thank you Lek!

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 02/10/2010

Jane Tishler http://
17 October 2010

The bike ride was the highlight of our trip to Phuket. Riding along dirt tracks sliping and sliding through the mud was great fun. Lek, our tour leader was a gentleman, and his love of cycling was obvious. Its easy to become a bit jaded walking down the strip in Patong, (no I dont want a nice blouse, dress or DVD) He showd us a different side of Thailand people gave us a friendly wave and looked genuinely pleased to see a group of tourists cycling though their village. I would recommend this tour to anybody.

Cynthia Dickens http://
16 October 2010

Thank you James, Lek and the Amazing Bike Tours team! Family with 2 kids (10 &11 yrs old) had a great time on the half day bike tour. Although it was a bit soggy at the beginning (it is wet season after all), the scenery and surrounds were outstanding and certainly afforded a perspective we would have missed on a more traditional type tour. The ride (~ 20kms) was just right and left all, especially kids, exercised and with a sense of accomplishment. We are also very grateful to James and team for arranging great white water rafting and ATV adventures - with sea kayaking still to go later in the week. Our family has thoroughly enjoyed our vacation thusfar, and we will certainly plan to arrange future outings with Amazing Bike Tours Thailand.
Cynthia, Doug, Katie & Dylan

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 14/10/2010

Leah Schuster http://
18 September 2010

The only thing I regret about doing the bike tour was that I didn't do it earlier on my holiday so I could do another one. The country side was beautiful and so far from the smell and noise of busy Phuket. Lunch was amazing and as a chef I would have to say the beach side restaurant was the best Thai food I have ever had in Thailand. We ended up riding 59 km and I was so pleased that I completed the ride apart from the last hill before the waterfalls. I have recommended the ride to everyone and look forward to coming back and doing a couple of rides during my stay (next time bringing my bike shorts and gloves). Top marks for amazing bike tours Phuket and the amazing man who conducted the tour, James. This was the highlight of my trip.

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 02/09/2010

Elaine & Richard Comyn http://
New Zealand
14 September 2010

A group of 5 of us went with Lek on a 56 km bike tour. It was really a great trip. It poured with rain for the first 3 hours but we figured it was better than being too hot and sunburnt. Had the best food for lunch that we had in Thailand. The turtle sanctuary was very interesting and well worth it. Loved the waterfall. Mostly we loved the lack of tourists and we were mostly out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but animals and the locals.

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 10/08/2010

Grant Briggs http://
South Africa
09 July 2010

My wife and I went on the 1 day Koh Yao Noi trip and all I can say is what an amazing experience!! From the moment we were met at our hotel by the incredible tour guide Lek, to when we were dropped off, we had the most fantastic time. Everything from the beauty of Koh Yao Noi, Lek's local knowledge and fantastic food, really made this a day to remeber. When we are next in Thailand, we will definately be doing another trip with Amazing Bike Tours.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 02/07/2010

Joseph http://
Hong Kong
07 July 2010

Super fun ...45km of seeing unique parts of Phuket. The guide was great...he knew how to cater the ride to fit the skill level. And there was always a support vehicle trailing us. We rode thru pave roads and dirt.... visited the turtle sanctuary and then cooled off at the waterfall.

I would definitely ride again! Its a first class operation!

Deidre http://
United States of America
28 May 2010

My friend and I went on the 1 day Koh Yao Noi adventure tour. We had the best time and wanted to go on more of the tours, but couldn't because of time. The tour was amazing from organized and timely pickup, to travel on longtail boat to the island, to all the beautiful scenery on the island and the fun bike ride. Lunch was great and the hammocks we got to sleep in after over looking the water and the limestone rocks of Phang Nga Bay was even better. The trip offered so much. Our tour guide knew so much about the island and local culture. He made banana and sticky rice for us and we stopped sometimes and had a little snack. Definitely a trip I would do over and over again!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 11/05/2010

Torkington family http://
United States of America
29 March 2010

My family went on the 2-day bike trip to Kao Sok National Park with James and crew from Amazing Bike Tours. We loved it! The biking was easy for some, hard for others and one of us even road in the van the whole way. Yes - it was HOT - but the adventure was not to be missed.
James is completely organized and makes the whole process look easy (I know it is not). His co-leader (Lek) is fantastic and his driver (Nong) is a treasure. We felt like we were biking with friends.
The scenery was varied and the biking was both on and off road. His bikes are in excellent condition and the support van is always just a step behind to replenish water or anything else you may need.
The restaurants where we stopped were off the beaten path and very local. James orders plates and plates of delicious food at every meal. The trip was as much a gastronomical adventure as a biking tour.
Our first night's accommodations in Kao Sok were in treehouses in the jungle. I considered the place "laid back luxury." The second night was spent in the awesome raft houses on Cheow Lan Reservoir. We have stayed in many places all over the world and I will have to say this place was one of the most unique (in a good way!). You have to experience it for yourself.
Amazing Bike Tours has other shorter tours if you don't have the time. But, if you plan you should take a couple of days and go on this tour with James. Highly, highly recomended.

Trip Joined : Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake Adventure(3D/2N) on 05/03/2010

Patt http://
26 February 2010

This was a fabulous experience, truly a highlight of my trip to Thailand. Lek, our guide, took our small group of five away from tourist-crazy Phuket into the countryside where we travelled through rubber tree/pineapple plantations. We stopped to see how natural rubber sheets are made by a small family industry - and I mean small - mom, dad and sons. We then rode up to the Gibbon rescue center, the only 'steep' of the day. Lek is very knowledgeable about his country and we learned a lot about Thailand while riding with him. The bikes were well tuned and also a good fit which made for a comfortable ride. This was excellent value for the money and next time I will go on one of the overnight trips. Service was good from first contact to goodbye. Thanks guys!

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 25/01/2010

GHalia Ibrahim http://
23 February 2010

The trip was really amazing!the rubber trees and the beach wonderfull almost like haven . The waterfall at the destination is perfect .
i realy love the monkey !

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 05/10/2009

Bernie & Ness http://
Hong Kong
20 February 2010

We did three trips, but we'll write about this 1/2 day trip. It was just fantastic cycling through the rubber plantations, seeing the clusters of workers' huts, kids by the side of the track, cashew bushes, flowers, plants and animals. Highly recommended.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 15/02/2010

Sam Ceravolo
14 January 2010

Fantastic day out. It was great to get away from the touristy Phuket for a day and enjoy the relative peacefulness of this lovely island. James and Lek were great hosts and guides - very friendly, keen to make sure we had a great time and that all was well with the bikes. There were only 6 of us on this trip. The boat trip over and back from the island was via a local longtail ferry, which added to the experience of being with the locals commuting as part of their day to day lives.

The island was amazing. Small villages dotted around, villagers smiling and waving to us, rice fields, beautiful green mountains, very little tourism, spectacular sea views west towards Phuket and east towards Krabi. The ride was fairly easy , mostly on road and a little on dirt track with only a couple of small hills to ride (or walk) up. The ride was about 30kms in total, with 22kms before lunch and a short 8km ride after lunch.

Lunch at a local restaurant right on the water was absolutely sensational - a collection of Thai dishes to share which was delicious and plentiful. James and Lek always made sure we had plenty of water in our drinking bottles. James also provided some Thai delicacies for the boat trip over to the island which were also delicious.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 03/01/2010

Amanda http://
06 January 2010

The trip is really amazing! I'll always remember the wild beach with nobody but just green leaves and purple flower. The waterfall at the destination is a perfect end of the journey!

Ellen http://
United States of America
05 January 2010

An unforgettable day seeing the real Phuket. Our guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. I loved visiting the gibbon rehabilitation preserve.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 29/12/2009

Yonni and Angela http://
04 January 2010

Best 3d trip we have done.

the islands are amazing, nothing like other parts of Thailand. great value for money and we were extremly looked after.

Mon is a legend and brillaint guide. great local knowledge.

Thanks for a great trip


Trip Joined : Koh Yao Expedition(3D/2N) on 22/12/2009

Alex Shot http://
03 January 2010

This was definitely the best trip we've made in Pukhet. Mon, our guide, was very professional and informative. Do it, it is very nice

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 29/12/2009

Darla Farley http://
26 December 2009

Best thing I did in Phuket! I booked last minute not really expecting much. The trip was great. Mon, our guide, was informative and fun. I can\'t wait to go back to Thailand and do a multiple day trip. I highly suggest booking at least the 1/2 day trip.

Zak n Rin http://
25 December 2009

Spent our last day before going back home with James and co. for the Koh Yao day trip and it was worth it...if you have nothing to do or wants to do something nice and serene, go biking with them, you won't regret it...

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 22/12/2009

ron rose http://
United States of America
11 December 2009

No exageration, simply the best, 5 Star rating !

The tour, presentation, the guide and his knowledge along with the efficiency of Unique Cycling Tours made this my most enjoyable new experience in Thailand.
I recommend staring with the half day tour and if you have enough time another day add the full day tour and ride.

Trip Joined : Phuket Country Side(Half day) on 09/12/2009

Heather and Ellen Williams http://
30 September 2009

If you do one trip in Phuket, do this one. It was a relief to escape the shopping and get off the beaten track and see the real Thailand. The 45kms provided a brilliant insight into local villages and some of the more remote areas. James was a fantastic host and we would encourage everyone to take a day out and see the real Thailand. We will be back and we will definately do another trip with Amazing Bike Tours

Gareth David http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
29 September 2009

I joined the one day bike tour to Koh Yao Noi , which is a quiet island , an hours boat ride from Phuket .Cycling through paddy fields and Rubber plantations was extremely interesting and lunch at a beautiful beach -side Restuarant was a great highlight of the day .I must commend James our guide , whose knowledge of Thai culture and people made the day that much more interesting .On my next visit to Thailand , I would love to join James for his 3-day tour,

Gareth David

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 18/09/2009

Vicki and Les Heywood http://
New Zealand
14 September 2009

A fantastic day out. We saw some wonderful beaches and countryside we wouldn't have seen if we hadn't gone on this trip. James was an excellent tour guide, the lunch at the beach was great and we would highly recommend this tour and would definitely do it again.

Trip Joined : Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls(1D) on 02/09/2009

Dot Byrne http://
07 September 2009

Even though it rained constantly for the whole day, I loved the whole trip. Travelling to an island with the locals, riding around, having lunch (food was amazing) gave a different perspective to the normal tourist trail.
Will do it again, hopefully without the rain!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 25/08/2009

Mik Jennings http://
29 August 2009

A fantastic day!! Saw a side of Thailand I've never seen before and felt well and truly off the beaten track. Ko Yao Noi is beautiful in the rain, I can only imagine what it's like when the sun is out. Definitely worth finding out!!!

Great trip, James is like a walking (or cycling) encyclopedia and the food at lunch time was fantastic.

We will be back!!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 23/08/2009

Grant & Linda http://
26 August 2009

We thoroughly enjoyed the day even though we hadn't ridden a bike for some years. The whole day was a good experience....from the boat ride to Koh Yao Noi, the scenery was absolutely stunning and varied, the lunch was fantastic, and there was even time to relax afterwards! Thanks James and Mo for making the day an enjoyable one, if we had more time we would have joined you for a longer tour.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 16/08/2009

Kerry Leach http://
25 August 2009

Want to do this with all my friends and family that come visit Phuket... The bike tours take you off the beaten track and you get the chance to see a bit of raw Thailand. The scenery was beautiful despite the poor weather... will definitely do it again on a sunny day! But... even in the wet, it was well worth it and James kept us all smiling!!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 23/08/2009

Berthe http://
03 August 2009

I really liked the trip! You don't need to be in excellent shape in order to participate which was great for me. James took great care of us and made sure everyone was having a good time and was well taken care of. The lunch was at an amazing spot at the sea and the food was excellent. Bit hard to jump on the bike afterwards though I'll surely recommend Amazing Bike Tours to friends coming over for a visit

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 02/08/2009

James and Kara http://
15 July 2009

We have recently arrived home from our two week holiday in Thailand and one of our highlights was certainly the one day bike trip around one of the incredible islands. James was our tour guide and he did an amazing job. The riding was not too strenuous and we definitely had plenty of chances to stop and take in the surroundings. Lunch was incredible aswell. Thankyou for a great day, hopefully we can join you again one day, maybe for a bit longer next time?

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 30/06/2009

Sally McGuinness http://
15 June 2009

Hi James,
I thoroughly enjoyed the one day bike tour on Koh Yao Noi. The riding was great fun and the food was the best I had during my stay in Thailand. Will definately recommend your company to others. Cheers for a good day.
Eagle Sally

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 11/06/2009

Emma & Chris http://
25 May 2009

We had the best time and saw many parts of Thailand you wouldnt see on a traditional tour. Definately one of the highlights of our holiday, we would love to do it again! The impromtu nap after lunch was nice and kept us going for the rest of the ride! We highly recommended both tours.

Bev Morton http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
11 May 2009

Recently returned from Thailand and had the opportunity of using Amazing Bike Tours. So glad I did as my boyfriend and I had a fantastic day. James the company leader organised the tour spot on and was very knowledgeable and friendly. We went to an island just a short hour boat journey from Phuket. The island was great for cycling as very little traffic and very friendly locals waving to you. James knowledge of the island was excellent and therefore he was able to tailor the trip to our ability and needs by knowing all the tracks to make the trip as hard or easy as we wanted. The restaurant we had lunch in was fabulous with great local food and in an idyllic spot over looking the beach. Everything from the quality of the bikes to the pick up mini bus and the driver were all top notch, something that other companies could learn from. So thank you to James and we most definitely will be back.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 24/03/2009

Germain and Genevieve http://
14 April 2009

This was a great tour, with a great guide. The guide was constantly at our service. He adjusted the tour to our skills and fitness level. We had a great lunch in a great location. The entire day was perfect. We'll bring home excellent memories.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 17/03/2009

Lauren, George & Simon rienstra http://
13 March 2009

Team Australia completed 2 tours with James over 4 days. The variation of bike tracks, scenery, fellow riders and lets not forget the "food" were superb. Cheow Lan Lake and our monkey searching experience was a highlight for me. Do yourself a favour and take a longer tour and see a part of Thailand that most visitors to Phuket Island do not see.

Trip Joined : Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake Adventure(3D/2N) on 09/02/2009

Simone & Alain http://
04 March 2009

Hi James,
We just wanted to say that we both had a great day riding yesterday.
The tour was very organised and the food was delicious.
We wish you all the success and we are sure to recomend "the Amazing bike Tours" onto our family & Friends and of course my "Spining Class"..LOL
Thanks again for a good day trip.

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 06/03/2009

Sarah http://
12 February 2009

I enjoyed the Koh Yao Noi tour very very much. The Little Long Island is truly beautiful and James was an excellent guide and host while riding around the island. I'm a very inexperienced bike rider and so James was also a fantastic teacher to me. I'd recommend anyone half considering doing this trip to get in and book - it's a great way to see and learn about Thailand!

Trip Joined : Koh Yao Noi (1D) on 06/02/2009

Bernd http://
08 February 2009

Excellent Tour, excellent organization - and excellent sleep in the night after this trip...
Thanks for a day packed with adventure, new impressions and lots of fun; it was a good group too (nice greetings to the Aussie-Family!)
This day-trip was like a great appetizer - hopefully I will be back for the Overnighter-Main-Course!
All the best! Bernd

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Dawn Foote http://
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
04 February 2009

Hi James

Thankyou for the cycling day trip to Koh Yao Noi, I had a really enjoyable day, it completely exceeded my expectations enabling me to see some hidden corners and treats that you can only really experience by bike.

Even though i am not too hot on two wheels you made sure the level was right for us all. The rest in the hammock for food was a nice touch and also see the monkeys...you know how i love monkeys.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

All the best, dawn x

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Silke Huebner http://
16 January 2009

Hi James,
back to cold Germany (-10C) we want to thank you for the wonderful bike tour on Dec., 31st. It was a perfect day for us! We often think of it. Unfortunately we did not have more time for a second trip with you.
We can highly recommend the tour and the guide.
James, we wish you the very best,
Silke & Wolfgang

Christina Nordlöf http://
11 January 2009

Thank you for a most wonderful day at Koh Yao Noi.

I was just the perfect combination of having fun on the bike, mixed with your big knowledge about the Thaipeoples culture and the environment.
Not forgetting about the Lunch... wow, It was just delicious to sample all the different, typical thai dishes in that lovely hut by the beach

I have already told all my friends about this trip.

A swedish J√ĄTTE-tack

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Mikko Heikkilä http://
11 January 2009

Really nice tour and excelent way to exercise during your holiday. Tour was tailored to meet with the fitness of participates. Tour was defenetly not too hard but not too simple either. Quide was really doing his best and looking after his customers. Food was excelent and Koh Yao Noi was really good place to cycle because of it's quiet environment. BIG thanks

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Johanna and Sakari http://
10 January 2009

We did a one day trip to Koh Yao Noi. It was simply brilliant. Our best day of our 2-week holiday in Thailand.
We'd definetly go on any other trip arranged by James, he was so friendly, laid-back and full of knowledge about Thailand. The trip was everything you promised, high quality in every way.
James thank you so much and we sincerely hope to see you again
Cheerz from freezing Finland

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Wade Perrow http://
United States of America
26 November 2008

James and his organization get five stars, for providing such a enjoyable day trip. From the hotel pickup, to the boat ride, to the 30K bike ride everything was handled exceptionally well. The return long tail boat trip ( Oh what a boat) must include laying on the top of the boats cabin, watching the clouds & island's go by. If you like biking this is a great way to spend a day away from the crowds of Phuket !
Wade from Gig Harbor, Wa USA

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Andrea http://
30 August 2008

When I had booked this trip I was not sure about it, but I have to say that it was so much over my expectance that I did it for the second time with the same company different destination! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I basically expected just a bike tour but I have to say that you see more in 3 days trip here then in 10 days holiday as a normal tourist! What more I liked it was the chance to come in touch with local people and to see a Thailand that few tourist know! I really kindly recommend these trips to any nature lover willing to do new experience!!

Annalivia http://
30 August 2008

I just joined my second trip with Amazing bike tour and if my evaluation after the first was an A+ I have to commend you once again for doing an outstanding job running your company, so now you get an A++!
The Krabi adventure has been a perfect mix of adventure in the wonderful enviroment, knowledge of the Thai culture, and comfort at the grate resort you choose for us!
...I will never forget the over 1,000 steps to reach the Tiger temple! Thanks guys for another unforgettable experience!

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Annalivia http://
29 August 2008

Hi James,
I wanted to tell you I enjoyed the Khao Sok tour immensely. You people have created a singularly excellent cycling tour.
Our guide, Mai, was amazing. He was fun, reliable, knowledgeable - but most of all he was just great to travel with.
The trip was a life-changing experience, thank you!

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Mona Fristedt http://www.tapasandwinephuket.com
29 August 2008

James and Wan !
Thanks for a fantastic experience ! As a completely beginner on a mountainbike, I felt that this trip was totally overcoming and I really enjoyed it !As well as the other more experience guys had what they aimed for ! Have to mention the 2 nights we spend , first at a luxuary hotel and the second night very simple, at the floating bungalows in Chao lan Lake, was brilliant. I will absolutely do it again !

Trip Joined : Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake Adventure on

danny de leenheer http://
29 August 2008

hi guys, i can recommend this trip to any one.
the views are great and it\'s so quiet on koh yao.
the tour that we did was not to hard and the bungalows
are also ok. the view from the bungalows is stunnig and so peacefull. also whe did a batik painting on the trip.
that was not easy but the result was ok, if i can say myself...the tourguides did there job very good.
great guys as i can say!
the food that we got was also exellent
but the trip whit the bikes i liked the most
so i may say: do this trip if you like mountain-biking!!!