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Mountains of Northern Thailand Road Bike Tour

Mountains of Northern Thailand Road Bike Tour

Chiang Mai is located 700km north west of the Capitol Bangkok and is cooler then central and southern Thailand. The city has great views of the nearby mountains.

This Northern Thailand road bike tour is 8 days 7 nights with 6 cycling stages and 1 rest day.

We use resorts of excellent standard; most have swimming pools and massage facilities on site.

More than just cycling, we consider our tours to be a culinary exploration, prepare to be amazed at the rich diversity of Thai food.

We suggest you allow some time before or after our road bike tour to explore Chiang Mai and everything the city has to offer. The Northern Thai cuisine is markedly different from Southern Thailand, so take time to visit many of the authentic restaurants and cafes. Not forgetting the temples, markets and other attractions in or near Chiang Mai.

Mountains of Northern Thailand Road Bike Tour

This road cycling tour that starts in Chiang Mai will challenge even the fittest of riders. If you don’t like hills this tour is not for you. If you love challenging climbs then sign up now and be ready for a ride you and your legs will never forget.

The six cycling stages will cover 625 kilometers and includes 11,350 meters of climbing. The shortest stage is 68 Kilometers and the longest stage is 145 Kilometers. But the point to emphasize is every stage has a significant amount of climbing. You should prepare for this tour by building your fitness, endurance and climbing abilities.

If you are in good shape you will fall in love with the endless climbs, the beautiful mountains and views of northern Thailand that you will experience on this Thailand cycling vacation.

If the climbing is too much our support vehicle is always close by for any cyclists that chose the skip part of the ride.

Day 1 : Meet the Amazing Bike Tours team in Chiang Mai

After arriving at Chiang Mai it is easy to take an airport taxi to our hotel. In the evening we will meet the group at the hotel, enjoy a welcome drink and have a tour briefing, we will also give the Amazing Bike Tours cycling jersey to all participants. Then we will enjoy a dinner and get to all know all members of the group ahead of our Thailand road bike vacation.

Day 2 / Stage 1: Chiang Mai to Pai: 145 Kilometers/ 91 Miles / 2048 Meters Climbing

After departing Chiang Mai the first 40 Kilometers are gentle, great to warm up the legs. Then as we leave the city behind the climbing begins as we pass many hills and mountains with hairpin bends. Enjoy the views before a long descent in to the Valley of Pai. Previously known for it involvement in the opium trade, rice, strawberries and coffee are now the crops of choice.

Day 3 / Stage 2: Pai to Mae Hong Song: 118 Kilometers/ 74 Miles / 2457 Meters Climbing

Mountains, Valleys, Rice Paddies and Strawberry farms will greet our eyes as we pedal up the inclines and coast down the descents. Today is the biggest day with regards to meters climbing on the bike. This area is famous for the hill tribes and we may meet some of the local Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe.

Day 4: Rest Day at Mae Hong Song

Free and Easy day to do as you wish, relax by the pool, get a massage, read a book and rest the legs for the following days of this Thailand road cycling vacation.

Day 5 / Stage 3: Mae Hong Song to Khun Yuam: 68 Kilometers/ 43 Miles / 1027 Meters Climbing

Today is both the shortest day in distance and least amount of climbing but don't let that fool you in to thinking today will be easy. Some challenging climbs will test the riders, but as with every climb, we will be rewarded with breath taking views from the summits. Some of the valleys we cycle through are both idyllic and a photographers dream with vibrant rice crops growing.

Day 6 / Stage 4: Khun Yuam to Mae Sariang: 101 Kilometers/ 63 Miles / 1250 Meters Climbing

As we Cycle south we are very close to the Thailand and Myanmar border, in many areas it is only the river that separates the two countries. The architecture of the Buddhist temples has a more Burmese style than other parts of Thailand. The theme of mountains and valleys continues on todays ride.

Day 7 / Stage 5: Mae Sariang to Chom Thong: 145 Kilometers/ 91 Miles / 2270 Meters Climbing

Today we head east and enjoy views of green lush mountains, Rice, Sweet Corn and Berries are the many crops of this agricultural region. Some big climbs and long descents will feature in todays ride.

Day 8 / Stage 6: Chom Thong - Doi Inthanon - Chom Thong: 75 Kilometers/ 47 Miles / 2300 Meters Climbing

The final stage and today we will ride to the roof of Thailand, Doi Inthanon, the summit at 2565 Meters/ 8565 Feet above sea level. Shortly after leaving our accommodation the climb begins and will continue in an upward fashion for 38km until we reach the top. Be prepared for cooler temperatures in the upper regions of this mountain. After some drinks, snacks and photos we will begin the 38km descent back to Chom Thong.

After lunch we load the bikes and drive the final 60km back in to Chiang Mai. We chose to drive back as the final 60km is a main highway with lots of traffic.

In the evening we enjoy a final meal and some celebratory drinks together after completing this challenging cycle ride in Northern Thailand. Look back over the past week and appreciate the accomplishment and start planning your next Amazing Bike Tour in Thailand.
Tour Cost: 42,000 Thai Baht
Single Supplement: 10,500 Thai Baht
Bike Rental: 5760 Thai Baht
Total Cycling Distance: 652KM / 408 Miles
Elevation Gain by Bike: 11,350 Meters
Trip Duration: 8 days & 7 nights
Days Cycling: 6 Stages
Terrain: Mountains
Vehicle Support: Air Conditioned Minibus always close by.
Group size: Minimum 2, Maximum 20.
Food: Almost all meals included, please refer to guest info pack for more detail.
Scenery: Mountains and Lush valleys.
Departure Dates: This tour does not have advertised departure dates, we will confirm this ride for groups of 4 riders or more on your requested dates, depending on our availability.